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Swiss Online Survey on Scots

13th March 2014

With Scotland due to hold a referendum on independence on 18 September this year, much interest has been generated among our other European neighbours about Scottish culture and identity. In particular, students of language have been considering the place and role of the Scots language at present, and in an independent Scotland, with the result that the Scots Language Centre has received a number of requests for assistance with projects.

Among the recent requests for assistance is one from Swiss linguistics student Franziska Engeli who is based at the University of Applied Linguistics in Zrich. Engeli is studying the relationship between the Scots and English languages against the backdrop of the independence debate and has created an online survey as part of her study. She would like to hear from Scots of any age who would like to take the survey, which consists of 24 questions and will be available until 6 April 2014.

If you would like to assist Engeli please follow the link to the survey below. 

If you have any additional questions please contact Franziska Engeli by e-mail at