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No Longer Poles Apart

9th March 2013

Dundee United’s Polish goalie Radoslaw Cierzniak admits he was tongue-tied when he first came to Tannadice. Speaking to the press (Daily Record, 9 March 2013) 29 year old Cierzniak said it had been a real challenge to master both the English and Scots languages. For a long time he was worried his team mates thought he was crazy because of all his shouting and angry-sounding utterances, but he said this was because he didn’t have the time during games to think about the language he wanted to use. Cierzniak, who has now extended his contract until 2015, is getting along much better and said “I have learned not just English but Scottish as well! I understand what is going on in the dressing room now and it is very funny.” No doubt Cierzniak will be picking up useful words and expressions from the Scots language, and in particular the Dundee form of the tongue known popularly as Dundonian. Here are a few expressions he might find helpful:

Eh’m a daleman – I’m a goalie.

Eh’m nae fairdiegowk – Nobody will intimidate me.

Gie’s a shot o the baw – Let me have a go on the ball.

He skyed the baur – Thank goodness, he booted over the bar.

Michty, whit a reeker – I was never going to save that.

Tak tent o thae jouks – Watch out for those feigned moves.

Thon baw wis awa for yle – That ball was wide of the mark.

Whit a braw kep – What a fine save.

Whitna glesses dae you hae? – Ref, you’re having a laugh.

Ye’ll no hail meh dale – You’re not scoring against this goalie.