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Luath Scots Language Learner

29th March 2012

The Scots Language Centre is very pleased to announce that Luath Press have now published a new edition of the Luath Scots Language Learner by L Colin Wilson. First published in 2002, this invaluable language course has proved to be much in demand among the public, both at home and abroad. Because of the relative dearth of regular courses in the Scots language this work will be particularly welcome to those wishing either to learn Scots for the first time or just brush up on the language with which they were raised. The course consists of 25 graded lessons, mini dictionary, exercises, and a wealth of information about Scotland and the Scots intended to give the reader the context of the Scots language. The book is 352 pages and costs £16.99 ($29.95) and may be purchased in most Scottish booksellers or via the publisher Luath Press Limited in Edinburgh at . There is also an accompanying CD (with all the Scots lessons and conversations) available for £16.99 which is reduced to £9.99 if purchased with the book.