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Call For Papers

9th February 2012

The Scottish Society of Linguists is planning to hold a conference on a Saturday afternoon, sometime in September 2012, at the Queen’s Hotel, opposite the train station in Perth. Details are still in the planning process but the Society is keen to hear from people who would like to offer papers on various aspects of the Scots language. Indeed, the Society have indicated that they would like to make the Scots language a priority for research in the coming few years. Potential speakers could speak about any subject related to Scots, but the following topics have been suggested as holding particular interest: the grammar and structure of Scots, borrowings and lendings between Scots and other languages, regional differences (both historical and modern), and whether or not the language is in decline or is undergoing revival. The Society has indicated that it can cover travel expenses. If you would like to suggest or submit a paper for the conference please contact the Scots Language Centre by e-mail on .

In addition, the Scottish Society of Linguists is also looking for a speaker on Scots for a Society meeting to be held in February 2013. If you are interested in proposing a speaker please contact the SLC at the above e-mail address.