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School Co-ordinators for Scots

13th October 2011

It was recently announced (October) by Learning and Skills Minister Alasdair Allan MSP that Scotland is to have a series of Scots language co-ordinators in Scottish schools. This concept originated as a result of the extensive discussions and consultations by the ministerial working group on the Scots language which reported in 2010. In the run up to the 2011 Scottish elections certain sections of the media not only exaggerated that an ‘army’ of co-ordinators for the language would be a burden on the taxpayer but suggested that schools should not be supporting the language. Recently Dr Allan confirmed that there would not be any ‘army’ of newly created co-ordinators, but rather existing teachers in that area would be identified and given the remit for co-ordinating Scots language study. This move represents a significant shift in government thinking by officially recognising the need to provide the Scots-speaking community with institutional support. It also recognises the value of the Scots language to Scotland’s culture as a whole and does something to ensure that the state helps transmit the language from this generation to the next. After all, Scots speakers pay taxes too.