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The Boozer - Stuart McLean

30th March 2022

A storyteller at heart, Stuart McLean has been writing for over 20 years, with his first published poem, The Boozer,  appearing in Poetry Now, Scotland 2000. 
He was the resident poet in his financial services career, writing countless ditties for his work colleagues including poems for retirements, maternity leave, new babies, engagements, marriages, promotions and special birthdays. 
Nowadays, he provides bespoke poetry for any occasion and is passionate about capturing the feelings of the moment so that the recipients truly feel special.

He have also self published a children’s book (Lucky’s Great Escape), an original collection of Scottish poems (The Wee Book Of Scottish Poems) and his latest book for 2022 (Hauf A Hunner) has a larger collection of 50 poems. 

The Boozer

It’s the Den O’ the Bevvy, the Publican’s Hoose,
Where eyes become glazed, n’ tongues become loose.

Where laughter is hearty n’ sarcasm raw,
An’ everyone’s an expert when it comes tae fitba’.

Where the auld n’ the young come as wan, aw togither,
Tae discuss love n’ work, next doors car n’ the weather.

Bravado increases n’ the meek become bold,
As the drink promotes courage as a Dutchman once told.

At the end o’the night when it comes time fir closin’,
The lads try their luck oan the lassies that wir posin’.

Wi’ silver tongued chat fae mooths oiled wi the liquor,
They try oot their patter, fir a response; jist a flicker.

An’ whitever the outcome, be they winners or losers,
They’ll be back once again, tae try their luck in The Boozer.