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A Great Breetish Simmer by Keeks Mc

30th June 2023

Keeks Mc is a Glaswegian poet writing in colourful descriptive Scots. Juggling life, work, parenthood and a strong social conscience, Keeks' work expresses raw emotion and humour in her reflections of daily life, society and nature. New to writing, having only started in 2021, she has enjoyed the success of her work appearing in a wide variety of publications within the UK and internationally. She recently released a full-length collection, "Contermacious Temerity" through Dreich Publications.

A Great Breetish Simmer

The hale faimily sets oot
wi wan thing in mind
Simmer dafferie
Schuil is oot
an paurents an weans
pack a zillion things thay dinnae need
an nane thay actually dae
an heid aff tae a hame fae hame
Fu o howp
Wi'in meenits
the weans are knockin lumps oot ilk ither in the back
cryin "are we nearly thare yet?"
or threatenin tae spew
Thare's aye roadwurks
An whan ye get thare
thare's a race tae the same shaps ye uise at hame
fur yer uisual messages
altho ye'll likely no eat tham
since ye'll survive oan chain pub fuid
an crisps
The weans scarper doon tae the saunds
wi howp in thair wee een
ainly tae fin the tid's in
the sea is wawly
an whitivver little strand thare is
is kivvered in some swarm o deid clunkertonies
The wather, which locals threap wis glorious til theday
is chilpy, gowsterie an gray
makkin a mockery o aa the haliday-makkers
in thair breekums an vests
"makkin the maist o it" 
arguin an scoffin ice cream an candy floss
afore some fish an chips
than gettin a warm fur the rest o the evenin
in a walcomin pub