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Suz Sinclair

26th February 2009

Suz Sinclair! – Ou! – Sourocks! Wormwood! Ga’!
A nippy, nebby, thrawn and spitefu’ limmer!
Sic things as her sood be against the law,
For whatna mortal ootrage is there grimmer?
A crooket, crabbet,
Bleary, blinkin’,
Leein’ tinkler
Is Suz Sinclair!

Suz Sinclair! – Ouch! – Nettles! Thistles! Jags!
A stangin’, wrangin’, constant toon’s affliction!
O, wae the day they stoppet burnin’ hags,
And set black magic doon as but a fiction!
For breedin’ rancour,
And spreadin’ canker
Is jist black magic!
O, it’s tragic,
To spare this tinkler
Hag, Suz Sinclair!

Suz Sinclair! – Feich! – Ether! Whaisle! Taid!
She sees some ill where only guid is hidden;
O’ clartin’ characters she mak’s a trade,
And lassies’ names reek on her foulest midden!
A sneerin’, jeerin’,
Clashin’, claiverin’,
Slimy, slaverin’,
Tattlin’ tinkler
Is Suz Sinclair!

Andrew Dodds (b.1872)
Selected by the Scottish Poetry Library