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Christie Williamson - garnethill fox

5th November 2019

Christie Williamson lives in Glasgow where he runs Tell it Slant Books.  His first collection, 'Oo an Feddirs' was published by Luath Press in 2015.  His second, 'Doors tae Naewye' is expected early 2020.  He comes fae Yell.  I've work closely with Christie these past years running Express Yourself events at Tell It Slant and he's a pleesure tae work wae.  His poetry is thocht affy weel aw aroond Scotland, Christie attends many spoken word events in baith Glesgae and in Auld Reekie Edinburgh.   

garnethill fox

did shø sink hir teeth
deep i da tiger’s tail
feel hit’s heft rage
ower da crest o da hill

or did shø kjiss hit
better oot, stripes airnt
lairnin lessons free
tae refuweegees near da end

o Rose Street choost afore
St Al’s faas heevinwirds
fae da ruby two shoes
at danced dir wyes

roon cordon bustin jungles
hung laek hardback monochromes
aff an on, sangs risin
laek da kjist o a filskit city

at braithes de in
trow da sheen
an gleen o hir third
vulpine ee