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Tackity Boots by Laura Fytfe

5th March 2018

Laura Fyfe writes a simple poem ofchildhood,using family vocabulary, so important for writers in Scots. A star of the Forth Valley Writers, Laura Fyfe has an M Litt from Stirling Unviersity and teaches in Falkirk.
It is good to see writers' groups showing an interest in the Scots language and we hoepe to have more poems in Scots from some of the central belt writers' groups this year. 

Tackity Boots

Ah wis that much of a skinnymalink
Ma da tolt me ah’d huv tae run roon
in the shower tae get wet.

That pit ma gas at a peep.

We wurnae a family tae coorie in.
Too often awa wi the fairies,
“Hell mend ye”
Mum’d tell me
Ah wis often too big fur ma tackity boots.

But now an then
She called me teenibash
An I kent she wis proud.

Laura Fyfe