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Da fiddler ewe - Chris Tait

4th May 2022

Chris Tait is a poet, playwright, fantasy writer and spoken word artist from Shetland who lives in Glasgow.

She attends writer's groups and open mic sessions across Scotland.  From this she has read at gigs and festivals, has published two graphic novels and had a monologue performed by an actor. 

She currently has a play "A toon built apo shenanigans" being recorded at the Dibble Tree theatre in Carnoustie which will be released with the book in mental health week in May.

Da fiddler ewe

A fiddler ewe took fok amok
Intae hell laek a egg yolk
Da spirallin staircase reek
Atil da blistered mooth an cheek

Hit led fok intae swamps
Laek deliveries wi uncan stamps
Aa da liquorice paet bogs
Laek treacle wrung fae dreepin rugs

So da ewe tempted da flock
Intae da tunnels laek patched socks
Da places whaar princes hock
Fir gifts tae Goldilocks

Hit joost startit as a joke
As if da ewe gae fok a poke
But den da tune becaam a croak
Da sky wis noo a muckle cloak

Dis wis da dead end fir da clock
Villages slockit tae nae mair fok
Back tae joost aa brunt rocks
Aert in ice laek bridal frocks