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Abuin them aa

28th November 2006

Gin ae rock conjurs Scotland up for me
It isna Cairngorm quartz, sclenters, scree,
Sanct Giles croon or brig-uphaudin key,
Croon's jasp, cross, or 'stane o destinie',
Nor is it dyke or broch, nor stack nor dun,
Nae fug-clad, rune-scart eemis I' the sun,
Raised beach or sicna prentit fossilry,
Fingal's basalt, pap o Bennachie,
Hud, cairn, whun, sheel, elf-cup, putt or skerry
- The rock that conjurs Scotland up for me
Gies licht in aatum, shines for aa to see,
An' is the hairst Mune, heich an faur an wee.

Colin Donati

from Present poets: poems for the Museum of Scotland, compiled by Jenni Calder (National Museums of Scotland, 1998)

Poetry selected by The Scottish Poetry Library