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Hinna Gotta

4th August 2011

Hinna gotta bairnie
Hinna gotta lass
Hinna gotta hope 'n Hell o
Gettin ony brass

Nae wirk fur young fowk
Wytin in the queue
Staunin wi the lay-affs
Hingin roon the Broo

Sez tae the cooncil
“Hae ye a hoose fur me?”
“Come back fin yer ninety
Ye'll hae priority.

If ye'd a timmer leg
Or a babby in a pram
Ye micht staun a chance son
Gang hame tae yer mam.”

Mam disna wint me
It's fecht, fecht, fecht
Mebbe she wis young hersel
In echteen-echty echt

Dog-pish, hashish
Aa I wint's a hame
Jist grant me ae wish
A place tae caa ma ain

Ony kindo cubbyhole
A place tae coorie doon
Then ye widna hae tae thole
Me dossin roon the toon.

Birds hae their nesties
Biggit in a tree
Gerron mister Cooncil man
Bigg a hoose fur me!