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The Spring Three

26th February 2008

Winter’s windy sentence
in the mooth o March the ranter.
March comes wudd and wantons,
and flegs the dowff auld dranter.
Gang yere ways, Winter!

March is swack and March is swank.
April aye has March tae thank
for flinderan auld winter’s dure.
March comes hardy, March comes daft,
March comes bauld wi sturt afore.
April follows, wi a waft
o sun and rain and gentle air.
March dirls “Up!”, a daybreak drummer.
April gies a glisk o Simmer.

Frae dawn til nicht they talk.
Gowk answers chimean gowk
through the yellow Beltane Day.
Kendle licht and leam.
Brindle ilka brae.
Tip the shaws wi bloom;
hap the howes gay
in green and growth, May.

George Campbell Hay

(chosen by the Scottish Poetry Library)