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Margarita Shchegova - The Naig of Years

5th December 2013

Margarita Shcheglova lives in Moscow. Her poems include translations of Russian poems into English and some English poems. In keeping with the strong Russian interest in Burns, Margarita says her main source of Scots is Robert Burns.

She says her poem is a pure celebration of the language and added:"I was having fun with the idea of the Ison comet flying around and that the next year is the year of the Horse and and how the comet is like a tail; that led me to Tam; and somehow all that turned into 'The Naig of Years.'"
So this is an example of the international reach and appeal of Scots, and it's just the ticket for the festive season.. Ay be merry folks!

The Naig of Years

The guid auld naig still gallops on
Her bleezin' tail became a comet
Anither year maun be brought
An' ilka luck is claught upon it!

The phoenix's tale gars me greet:
Ane feather which thee gat frae it
Is tauld to gie thee ilka fame;
If you fand ane, be na fu' fain -
A shootin' star is tint ere een can find it.
Toil but hae fun an' be na blinded.

I wish thee now sic hale fairin':
Hae monie pleasures an' ay be merry;
An unco lang lang life an' mair
Deliver'd by the guid auld meare!

  Margarita Shchegova