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Valentine Tango - Jacqueline Jay Wilde

2nd August 2022

Jacqueline Jay Wilde is a trans woman and a writer, actor and sound artist. She writes and performs in English and Scots, poems and stories about loving, dying, goddesses and starlings; delicatessens, talking rabbits and a painting by Mary Cassatt.

She has appeared live at Avant Garde, Hillhead Book Club, Words and Music, Nights at the Round Table and Femmes Uncut, and online at Sapphic Writers, Coorie Insta Us and others.

Valentine Tango 

Hey auld yin,
Am an auld yin tae!
Ye wanna dance a tango?
Get doon and dirty, wi me haudin ma ain,
An you wi your rose clamped in atween yir fawse teeth,
An me wi ma gammy leg tae!

Hey auld yin,
Am an auld yin tae!
I’m drunk on thae martinis,
Just about staunin’, wi you haudin ma airm.
Up stairs that are safter than thon red satin pillaes
Ye bought me last Valentine’s. 

Mind oor wedding night?

You wi no a stitch oan ye
Me in ma ‘negligent’ oot ae ma trousseau.
Jist oot the registrars,
Me still a virgin an’
Desperate tae hae ye.
You haudin back a bit,
Then coming tae me. 

Aye, Auld yin.
Howzaboot you and me
Aince mair roon this empty flair?
Mebbie no a tango,
Mebbie a wee moon dance?
Mebbie we’ll click
Like we did afore,
A wee whiley back, eh? 

Jacqueline Jay Wilde ©2021