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Mandolin Annie by Anne Pia

8th December 2017

Here is a touching wee poem for the festive season, by Anne Pia who has this year successfully published her memoir as an Italian Scot, Language of my Choosing. Being part of the Scots Italian culture hasn’t deterred her from penning some poems in Scots. This one was first published in Poetry Scotland, and it shows what can be achieved with a few words, a few lines. It’s familial and musical, relaxed and confident.

Mandolin Annie

Can ye no haud me agane
an al coorie doon
frae they safe thighs o yours
wi the tang o earth
an yer fingers rootin about me
tae find a guid tune.
A’l be that close to yer hert,
hear yer songs I the makin
aw wee that a am
al gie strength tae yer airm.

Anne Pia