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A Toon Bigged Apo Shenanigans

4th March 2020

Chris Tait is a poet and fantasy writer from Shetland. She lives in Glasgow and attends many writer's groups and open mic sessions in the central belt. She has published two graphic novels “Diablo the Fantastical Adventures of an Unloved Chess Piece” and “Diablo and the Leprechaun Figurehead.”  Chris' Scots poetry and writing stands out from the crowd, with her unique flow and style, and if you are lucky enough to hear Chris perform her writing you are in for a treat, with her lyrical accent providing the perfect backdrop for her fantasy settings, all created through her alchemy of words, which is magnificently magical, and reflects her Shetland heritage and compliments Chris, and her beautiful accent. 

A Toon Bigged Apo Shenanigans

At da Billy Goat's Gruff brig

By forests laek cloon’s wigs

Ower da seevin seas

O gaffin lavatories

Dey spok in cockroach slang

Wi nicknaems fir gangs

Beanstalk faimily trees

Nordic dictionaries

Vikin vocabularies

Horn pipes an sea shanties

Poored fae a prospectus

O coorses haerd tae pass

Geddired momentum

Birds blackmailed fir braed crumbs

School reports laek Jackanory

Taels wir so grim an gory

As caald as ice lollies

Chess piece creepy crawlies

Juvenile delinquents

Changed tae vodoo students