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Kerrigan Renniegade

14th May 2019

I had the pleasure of stumbling across a new Scots poet recently, Kerrigan Renniegade.  Her natural delivery of her poetry in Scots resonated with me and I immediately asked her to be a feature on our Scots Language Centre website.  Kerrigan is 30 years of age and has only been writing poetry since August last year having stumbled upon her new passion whilst studying a higher in English.  

Her natural style is to write how she speaks and Kerrigan explained to me that's she's very proud of her Scots heritage and roots.  Originally from a small mining village called Salsburgh but now living in Coatbridge, Kerrigan doesn't see her passion for Scots poetry stopping any time soon and is delighted to be sharing a piece of her work with us. She is a fantastic artist combining her poetry with hand drawings in her private poetry journal, which she also shares a page of with us.  Kerrigan hopes you enjoy her poem.

Love Is

Love Is long lies oan a Saturday mornin,
Stiyin up that late thegither that ye see day dawnin.
Binge watchin films and makin midnight snacks,
Shouting in a barney and takin it aw right back.

Love Is Four legs and a black suede nose,
Followin ye aroon the hoose wherever ye go.
A Patch ower his eye and a heed like a seal,
Lookin at his face n canny describe the love ye feel.

Love Is Two sisters that try yer bloody patience,
Carryin oan and laughin at stuff that makes nae sense.
Wouldnae change them for nothin, ma girls, ma pests,
Becoming amazin young wummin, ah expected nae less.

Love Is Painting pictures n drawin how a feel,
Messy desk n paint in ma hair helps ma soul tae heal.
Creatin somethin fae nothin aw oot yer ain heed,
Bein an artist has saved ma life, ah would have been deed.

Love Is Yer hoose, yer hame, yer gaff,
A good meal in yer belly and a roastin hoat bath.
Love is sought by many but found by few,
So ahm gonnae ask you,
Whit is love tae you?