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Diva by Susi Briggs

22nd March 2021

Susi Briggs from Dumfries and Galloway enjoys her role as a Scots language author for children.   She is passionate about empowering Scots voices and encourages Scots literacy through her work in schools.  Susi is a regular contributor to Scots Language resources for education through various websites including Scots in Schools and BBC Scotland. 

Aside from being a Scots language author, Susi enjoys writing songs and poetry and is the vocalist with the Wave Blues Band. Susi is also the founder of Music Matters for residential homes which bring interactive, inclusive, and intergenerational music sessions to elders in residential homes.

 Susi is a keen crafter and regularly makes props, puppets, and costume for her work as a storyteller. Her storytelling persona is Susi Sweet Pea the Fairy.  

Susi co-hosts Scots language storytelling and song podcast, Oor Wee Podcast with fellow author and musician Alan McClure.  

Alan McClure also wrote the music and soundscape for the Nip Nebs audio book series which have been narrated by the actor Gary Lewis.  (Outlander, Billy Elliot) 

Susi’s books Nip Nebs and Nip Nebs and the Last Berry were shortlisted for Bairns Book o The Year at the Scots Language Awards in 2019/2020.  They are beautifully illustrated by Ruthie Redden and published by Curly Tale Books.  Susi is registered with the Scottish Storytelling Centre and The Scottish Book Trust.


She screamed at me, “It’s din!”

Then dragged ma heavin hert awa fae the wreckage

Her gentle thochts fun every chain, 

Every bruise,

Every wound.

She gifted me an axe.


She showed me whaur the curves were,

She showed me hoot ae tenderly pluck oot 

Broken shairds in ma identity

Wi her haun at ma back, she whuspers, “Keep walkin”

An we walk awa fae storms that ither fowk summon!

An if I fail tae listen an get drawn intae the black watters,

She yells an she pynts tae whaur the safe harbours are.


On dry land, her wit tickles me, an I lauch oot lood.

Affen no at the richt times  as deemed by

The girnin faces o fowk wi notions 

That wimmen shuid ken by noo whaur the lines are drawn.  

Thegither we stamp oot they lines an still lauchin,

We smash the patriarchy yin wee bit at a time.


She strinkles glitter trails ahin me

As I dance forrit intae the bricht adventure

That is noo my life.


Moulded intae form, 

She gaithers in aw the love offered.

And wraps it in her licht

Creatin a magnificent croon

She places it on ma heid 

An luikin richt intae ma een smilin,

She caws me “Diva”