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28th September 2012

Wisna easy, y’unnerstaun ...
Ye war her flesh an bluid
Seed o er seed
Bit she jist cudna haunle it
Jist cudna thole it, see?
Nae wye fur a hame tae be
Wi a bairn, boss o the hoose
Oot on the loose

Oot oan the street’s
Nae place fur a halflin geet.

A wee bit gallus loon,
Sudna be daein the Kung Fu
Drinkin the feekie wine
Winchin an chorin
Ettin the magic mushies
Sniffin the glue

She did it
Fur yer immortal soul
Yer moral safety
Yer siblins welfare
Her ain sanity
She did it fur
Peace an quate
It wis a sair finality ...

Abune aa
She did it fur
Fit she thocht wis best
She pit ye
Intae care
Ooto care.
It crucifeed her —
A corp that winna dee
Nur lay tae rest
She signed oan the dotted line
The Judas haun, that cowped ye
Frae the nest.

Yer a credit noo
Tae aa the multiple stauners-in
Mithers baith he-male and she-male
Ye met in the Child-care zoo
PS She nearly furgoat tae say
    She Luvs you