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Nor' Sea

26th May 2011

A rim o unhapt, drooned, unhaly, things,
The beach bubbles dereliction.
A brukken fish box floats,
Affcast frae nets.
Oot a place, oot o joint
Articles, wha've tint their anchor
Nae point
O' reference,
Bob, dithery as boats.

Even the catarrhal rain's a cur
Shakkin weet fur
Like an auld mat skelpin the win.

I mistrust the shifty element o wave.
Staunin, heich an dry's a deity,
I drap it a doon-luik
An a distance opens
Blank an wide's the haar

This limmer, lowsin her hair's
A Magdalene. A whine an wheedle
O a sea, endlessly washin her guilt
Ower the cliff-fit

The cliff is Calvin-cauld
Gulls brak frae rocks, blawn prayers.
 Pebbles, fite's the breid o life,
Hard as Judas coins
Slidder aneth the faem

Cran upon cran o times,
Its mission spurned,
Nae mass conversion possible,
The sea turns wild cat
Scrats the grun in storm.