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26th May 2011

Catched concepts, caged ahin glaiss.
Studies in style, pernickity or freak.
Fikey perjink, bi mammoth-monumental.
Ilkie ain unique. Sic eloquent quate!
Nae communal contention!

Flamingo-pink, a lang-legged dozy quine, dauchles, peers incisive,
A dilletante dabbler. A human statue.
Maks inspection
In lanely judgement.
Lays wirds aside, superfluous, intrusive.

Watter teems classically intae marble;
A swatch o spatial elegance, elite portal, tae a magic, visual lan

Auldest impulse o man,
Afore the quill cud scrat the lines o spik
Neuked in a dreepin cave, a hunter, daubin peint on the rikk
O blaukened waas, raxed, tae finger the kill.
Haun, sicht, an will, wed, tae maist sensual skill.

The staney lion, flankin the gallery
Teethless Tam o a tabby, an Aiberdonian Sphinx
Is better nur the predatory original —
He anely sits, an thinks.