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26th May 2011

Deil the skirp o burn or loch
Embankments, heich an hilly.
Dashin by, a streek o rock
Dykes an Wanderin Willie,

Sookit hard's a pandrop
Swallaed bi a tunnel
Dark's a mowdie's drainpipe
Black's a trawler's funnel;

Far's the rollin howes o hame?
Humphy as a hammock?
Naethin here bit clouds an coos
Parks as flat's a bannock!

Crammed like herrin in a creel
Shugglin like jeely
Wis't Steenhaven finggin by?
Dammit, its Kirkcaldy!

Screichin till a jeelin stop
Like a stottin baa
Far's Auld Reekie frae the North?
Forty winks awa!