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New Beginnings - Brian McKinnell

11th January 2024

Brian McKinnell is a versatile and skilled Poet who grew up in the housing schemes of Glasgow, from which he draws on for much of his inspiration.

At present, he is very much involved in bringing his poetry to life through audio, film and live performance. 

Probably best known for for his collection of Celtic Poetry,  "Seven 7's - A Bhoys Poems" and his epic poem audio "A Glesga Flyman met a Pieman " 

New Beginnings

In ma finest Mother Glesga tongue,
Scots wha hae wi Wallace bled.
Just waitin oan the bells bein rung,
Tae clear the path ahead!

Fir in this Glesga Hoosin Scheme,
Wir players like tae play,
Wir dreamers dare tae dream,
Wae call it…  Hogmanay!

A time to raise a gless,
Tan a Whiskey… or a Beer,
Even when yer life’s a mess,
We Celebrate New Year!

Memories a’ Scotch n’ Rye,
As we wait the bells tae Toll.
Munchin oan a big Steak pie…
Cos that’s jist how wae roll!

No just a time for getting pissed,
It’s time tae grab a pen,
Write yer Resolutions list,
Ye get tae start again!

For here oan Glesga’s mean streets,
t’s really no the worst,
We gie oorselves awe clean sheets,
Come January the First!

Time tae rap the bad shit,
Yer list may be a long yin,
If yer honest wae yerself, admit,
There’s times ye’ve been a wrong yin!

Scribbling doon oan New Years Day,
Awe the hings ye’ll gie up,
N awe the hings ye’ll get tae dae,
Wae awe the time ye’ll free up!

Ye get tae choose a new life path.
Start a brand-new page,
Live yer life… n’ have a laugh,
Upon a brand-new stage.

Forgive yerself for awe yer sins,
Being Glaswegian’s great!
As one-year ends n’ one begins,
We are masters of our fate!

So, Happy Hogmanay, my friends,
Good luck to wan and all,
When they bells chime n’ this year ends,
Have yerself a ball!

Leave the past behind ye.
For Auld Lang Syne ma dear.
May happiness come find ye!
Have a great New Year!