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Wytch Elm O Beauly - Anne M Edwards

5th May 2023

Anne is originally from Africa but grew up in a wee village in the North West Highlands called Ullapool. She wrote poems and songs as a youngster and has rekindled her love of writing in the last 4 years. Anne has had 2 poems published and performs poems at witchy events. Her poems are often spiritual, intense, and sad. She has never written in Scots so this was a fun challenge.

Wytch Elm O Beauly

Yon wytch elm
O Beauly
Stood fir Ower
800 year
Till her beughs
Could tak nae mair
And she fell
Dread and Fear

The fowk
Aroon Strathglass
Gret fir
Yon auld elm
They Kent
It had
A gateway
Tae yon faerie realm

They feart
Yon faerie fowk
Fir they
Were mischeevous cookies
They'd tak
A steek
O wytch elm
And skelp
Yon baaare