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Angie Strachan - Drookit Doo

3rd November 2021

Angie Strachan is a Glasgow based poet who is a regular performer in the Scottish Spoken Word scene.  An Ayrshire lass, who fell in love with poetry while at school, where she was an active member of the Irvine Royal Academy's Burns Club.  A self-confessed poetry geek, Angie loves playing around with words and has a passion for poetry in all of its forms, genres and eras.    Her poetry is a bold and honest account of her own experiences and observations on everyday life and she blends storytelling with her unique quirky style and humour.  Angie mainly writes for performance but also has poetry published in various anthologies.  She has been a serious contender in the Scottish Slam Championships and is a keen mental health advocate, performing poetry on this theme at business events.  Angie can be found writing and hanging out with her Concise Scots Dictionary in her poetry shed.  Her poems can be found at Angie Strachan Poetry on Facebook and YouTube.


Drookit Doo

Geordie takes a dauner
doon the concrete slabs
pookin at the grass
frae the cracks.  Watter
hingin frae his beak
in a dewdrip snotter
Puffed oot, feathers
like a puffa jaiket
Eyes closed, pigeon toed, glaikit
Drookit, foonert n' scunnert


The doo hut is shut
it's oot o' commission
it's pure pishin
the pigeons are wishin
they were roastin
like a chicken
The trees huv nae leaves
tae sit unner n' dry oot
So, Geordie stoats aboot
soakin wet, gettin droont.