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Keeks Mc  - Beasts an baurs

2nd August 2021



Beasts an baurs

Passin a ferm shap the dae 
wi a muckle plastic cuddie 
staundin ootside patientfu
Ah'm mynded o the story 
ma mither tells
O auld Dick in Dumfries 
that rade his glyde 
doon tae the Globe Inn
An hae a skinfu 
whiles the beast waitit ootside 
fur him tae be heaved oer her rig bone 
an cartit hame uisin her stemmin skeels
Fur he wis in nae fit state tae fin it
Ma faither spiks 
o Tennents baur in Glesga
whaur dugs were walcome 
an oft seen laxin unner the brod
Wan mannie wid, as yeh dae
stott in wi a tod oan a leash
wha cootcht unner the baur 
waitin fur his maister
an munchin cheese an onion crisps

By Keeks Mc