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Twa squirrels by Finola Scott

9th June 2016

A poem from Finola Scott of Glasgow, imagining squirrels gossiping about incomers. Finola writes in Scots and English often with outspoken humour. She says she has been “writing Scots for pleasure, not for a PhD” and we can only applaud her approach, and while the poem does not directly refer to current matters it clearly has a topical relevance. And it’s fun.

Twa squirrels by Finola Scott

As Ah wis walkin oot ae day,
I heard ae neebour tae anither say,
Have yi spied thi folk wha cam thi day?
Aye they waved at me, thi ither replied,

“Noo they’ve taen their stuff an awa inside.”
“Is it mair o thon foreigners?” thi first he cried.
“Well they're sonsie an cadgy an aiver tae please.
They were whidderin unner thi trees

liftin and carryin, busy as bees.”
“That micht be true but should we tak ony mair?
Yi ken aw thi tales o what happened afore!”
“They’re eydent an comley, so I’ll no shut thi door.

Yi are foolish and feart fir thi day yi niver seen.
Naethin but honesty an hope in those een.
Blue een or brown, reid fur or grey,
colour’s nae problem. They’ve cam a lang way,
cam thro a lot, thay're walcome here ony day”