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“The sotter ma sheens’ in ...”

7th November 2012

The sotter ma sheens’ in, ’s fair orra.
Neebors caa it scunnerin, ’speecially the weemin.
They winna trauchle on wi me
Muckle langer … Caad tae crockanation!
An syne far’ll they fin
A hame an maister?
Owerby, in yon airt far aa sheen feenish
They’ll jyne the raws
O buits an safties an sheen
O ilkie makk an age
Timmer, leather nails
Frae ilkie neuk —
The fairmer’s buits,
Aside the quines gowd sandals
Raxxed tae the shape o taes
Bauchled an steeped
In human swyte;
Umpteen thoosan sheen
Haived in the same neuk.
The sheen o bonnie quine,
Chiel, bairn an shelt,
Yon selfsame neuk’s
Their weird.