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The day we went to Rothesay O' - Ronnie Drew Group

Featuring "Bobby Lynch". A long tradition for the Glasgow residents was to sail doon the water(River Clyde)for the annual holiday or day trip.That was before sunshine holidays in Spain and elsewhere were affordable by the workers.

The Day We Went to Rothesay, O!


Diddum a doo a dum a day,

Diddum a doo a dy dum do

Diddum a doo a dum a day,

The night we went tae Rothsay-o.

2. A soldier lad named Ru'glen Will,

Wha' regiment's lyin' at Barn Hill

Went off wi' a tanner to get a gill

In a public hoose in Rothsay-o

Says he: "I think I'd like to sing."

Says I "y'll no do sic a thing!"

"So clear the room and I'll make a ring

And I'll fecht y'all in Rothsay-o!"


3. In search of lodgin's we did slide

To find a place where we could bide

There was eighty-twa of us inside

In a single room in Rothsay-o!

We all lay doon t'take our ease,

When somebody happend for to sneeze

And he wakened half a million fleas

In a lodgin' hoose in Rothsay-o!


4. There were several different kinds of bugs,

Some had feet like dyer's clogs

And they sat on the bed and they cockit their lugs

And cried: "Hurrah! for Rothsay-o!"

Says I: "I think it's time to slope!"

For the polis wouldn'a let us stop,

So we went and joined the Band O'Hope

And said farewell tae Rothsay-o!