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A Vallenelle fur Lorna’s Seiventy Birday - George T Watt

George T Watt, screives aa his creative wark in Scots near eneuch. Fit wey naw? Scots is ae braw Leid. I wis brocht up in Embro but left yon toun as suin as I cuid an warkit on fairms on mony airts o Scotland. The Scots I spoke sinsyne haed accents frae Moray doun tae bonnie Gallowa an so ma screivins is the same. Ma wark haes been prentit on mony magazines but maistly in Lallans, the journal o the Scots Language Society/Scots Leis Associe. I hae also haed wark in several Anthologies, Perthshire 101, Whaleback City, Yarns an Wunds That Blaw Sae Sweit tae meintion ae few.