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Afore the Mast (Tales from Shetland) Tracks 4-5 of 14

The next installment of the hard-to-find album of tales in the Shetland language. Will you find this easier than the last one? You decide. You should know that "peerie" means "wee". And "hairst" means "fall/autumn" (cf. Germ. "Herbst", English "harvest", Icelandic "haust".). A tribute to the people of the islands.

Tracks are:
0:00-7:02 Tale: The Boat-Borrowers
7:02-8:04 Tune: The Brigs o' Rotterdam

For general vocabulary, check out:

For Shetland tales in English:

And this is very beautiful:

If you know of any tales available online in Shetlandic, either as texts and/or recordings, please share the links in the comments, or send them to me in a message and I'll post them here. Also, any other information you think people might find useful. Thanks!