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Humanlang Scots Doric III

00:02 Me : Aw, Chiel, Ah hinnae goat ma wallat. Ah cannae pey!
Trans. Dear friend. I haven't got my wallet. I can't pay.

00:10 Friend : Ur you fae Aiberdeen? Dinnae fash yersel! Ah'll pey! An you kin pey me back the moarn!
Trans : Are you from Aberdeen? (ie Are you mean?) Don't worry. I'll pay ! And you can pay me back tomorrow!

Second scenario
00:19 Me : Boass. Kin Ah hiv a wurd? Mah bess freen's gettin merrit in 3 weeks. Kin Ah hae the day aff please.
Trans : Boss. Can I speak with you? My best friend is getting married in three weeks. Can I have the day off please?

00:31 Boss : Nut oan yer Nellie, Son! Ye ken fine weel that we're stowed oot wi wurk fur the next month.
Trans : There's no chance of that. You well know that we are very busy at work for the next month.

Third scenario
00:47 Me : Ah'm affy soarry. Ah meant tae come tae yer party. Ah didnae mind cos we were sae busy at work.
Trans : I'm really sorry. I intended to come to your party. I forgot because we were so busy at work.

00.52 Neighbour : Nae probs. We a' enjoyed it an the flat wiz moabed. Mibbe next time?
Trans : No problem. We all enjoyed it and the flat was full. Perhaps next time?
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