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Scots Language Centre Centre for the Scots Leid


The Scots Language Centre 1993Scots

SCOTSRobert Burns 1759-1796

englisc ‘Angle-ish’ 1371-13901494‘Scottis’16031707‘’19‘’‘’‘’1970

199615030%Insular Northern CentralSouthern Ulster‘Doric’‘Lallans’‘Scotch’‘GlescaGlasgow’‘Shetland’200120082011


Beautiful Bonnie
Boy Boy Laddie Loun
Child Bairn Wean
Church Kirk
Football Fitba
Girl Lassie Quine
Handsome or Fine Braw
Inquire Speir
Know Ken
Language Langage Leid
No Na
Not … Nae No
Old Auld
Tomorrow The morn The morra
Yes Ay