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Classical Scots

Scots language is fit for all forms of music and there has recently been a resurgence of its use in classical music.  Artists such as Sally Garden, David Douglas, Michael Dempster, Gordon Hay and NOISE opera have put Scots language at the forefront of classical singing in Scotland.


David Douglas' Ayrshire Opera Experienc, later to become the Scots Opera Project, performed Scots translations of Acteon and Orpheus' descent in to the underworld.

Dr Michael Dempster translation of Mozart's The Magic Flure, The Querr Whustle, with the Scots Opera Project premiered at the Irvine Harbour Arts Centre.

The complete performance of The Scots Opera Project's performance of Michael Dempster's Scots & Marcas Turner's Gaelic Dido & Aeneas can be listened to here.

Chris Stout and the NOISE project premiered Hirda, an original opera in Shetlandic.

Gordon Hay's tranlation of a number of verses of Hadel's Messiah in Doric was performed at St Machar Cathedral, Aberdeen.


Mezzo-soprano and Musicologist Dr Sally Garden works with Scots translation of Griegg and other northern composers and her work can be listened to here.