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Storytelling Warkshop

4th March 2008

Weel-kent poyet an screivar Sheena Blackhall is tae haud a storytelling warkshop for fowk in North East Scots, hostit bi the Grampian Associe o Storytellers. Sheena will mak uiss o sangs, poyems an stories for tae reenge the hail o the spoken an wrutten word o the North East. Sheena wad like fowk tae bring alang some sma minding that means a guid deal tae the body that owns it. The warkshop will be held at Archaeolink Prehistory Park, Oyne by Insch, fae 10am til 4pm. Tickets costs 2 an fowk maun bring thair ain pieces tae thair denners. It wad be wicelike buikin a place aforehaun sae please speir at Phyll McBain on or phone 01569 765616.