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The StAnza Fest

28th February 2008

The Shetlandic poyet Robert Alan Jamieson will be takkin pairt in the StAnza Fest in Saunt Aundraes, Fife on this date. Mr Jamieson will be pairt o a Maistercless anent owersettin on Sunday 16 Mairch fae 10am til twalhoures in the cooncil chaumer o the Toun Haw, Queens Gairdens. Tickets costs 3 or 2.50 for the less-sillert. Forby thon cless, Mr Jamieson will, jynt wi Ken Cockburn, tak pairt in Voices of Scotland an gie his wale o poyems in Shetlandic. Thay will be at St Johns Undercroft for this atween 2.15 an 3.15pm. Tickets costs 4 or 3.50 for the less-sillert. Tickets can be got fae the Byre Theatre box office in Saunt Aundraes or fowk can clap a moose here an veesit the fest wabsteid: