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Crackin aboot politics 

Ever since John Barbour put quill to parchment in the 1370’s, people have been debating and discussing political matters on paper through the Scots language, and long before that era, in Anglo-Saxon …read more

Pre-union Politics

Politics of Privy Council 1546-1550

In the 15th & 16th centuries the monarch’s advisers were accustomed to meeting together to  the  running of the kingdom.
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Sir William Kirkcaldy 1570

Sir William Kirkcaldy was the member of a landed Fife family and spent years as a soldier in France before returning to Scotland in 1559.  read more

Aganis the Weiris 1586

A poem composed by Sir Richard Maitland of Lethington (1496-1586) who had a long career in the Scottish government under James V, Queen Mary read more

John Nicoll & the English Invasion

In 1603 James VI of Scotland had  succeeded to the thrones of England & Ireland, but his attempt at a political union between his kingdoms had failed.  read more

Empire age

Treaty of Union 1707

There are few more controversial episodes in the history of Scotland than the Treaty of Union between England and Scotland. read more

Adam Skirving's Johnnie Cope

In 1685 James VII & II succeeded his brother Charles II as king. James, who had become Catholic, was unpopular because of his religion & his style of rule
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Bread and Butter Politics

The article below ‘On the Price of Meal’, originally appeared in a journal from Paisley named The Scotchman, and dates to around the year 1800.  read more

Punch on Scots

In 1707 England and Scotland were joined by the terms of the Treaty of Union, which created a new state called the United Kingdom of Great Britain.  read more

Modern politics

James Leatham`s Politics

Aberdeen-born James Leatham was a journalist and socialist who became editor of the Peterhead Sentinel in 1897.  read more

Human Rights Declaration

On 10 December 1948 the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted and proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  read more

The Edinburgh Agreement

Since the late 19th century people in Scotland have campaigned variously for devolution and independence. read more

Political Crack in Scots

It is self evident that from the Middle Ages until the 18th century the Scots language evolved as a medium for spoken political debate  read more