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The Rolling Hills of the Borders


The Rolling Hills of the Borders

A song by Matt McGinn in praise of the beautiful countryside of the Scottish Borders.

McGinn, Sir Walter Scott and many others have praised the Borders' hills and dales.

In his lyric Matt reminds us that he is from Glasgow, and that he has performed in the USA and seen the River Hudson, which flows to the sea through New York city.


When I die, bury me low
Where I can hear the bonny Tweed flow,
A sweeter place I never will know,
Than the rolling hills o the Borders.

I've travelled far and wandered wide,
I've seen the Hudson and the Clyde,
I've wondered by Loch Lomond side,
But I dearly love the Borders.

Oft do I remember the day
When wi my love I strolled by the Tay,
But all this beauty fades away,
Among the hills o the Borders.

There's a certain peace of mind
Bonnie lassies there you will find
Men so strong and men so kind,
Among the hills o the Borders.


'The Rolling Hills of the Borders', performed by Tryst.
Recorded for Learning and Teaching Scotland for Scotland’s Songs.