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The Braes O Balquidder

A lyric gem made by Paisley weaver-poet Robert Tannahill 200 years ago. This version comes from the singing of poet and playwright Andrew Tannahill, a descendent of the maker.

Braes O Balquidder

Songs keep going back and forward between Ireland and Scotland. Many people think that the famous song ‘Wild Mountain Thyme’ is a Scottish song. This song was made famous by a group called the McPeake Family, from Northern Ireland, and some say that the song was made up by Francis McPeake 50 years ago. But their song is clearly based on ‘The Braes O Balquidder’.

Sung by Geordie McIntyre and Alison McMorland. From Rowan in the Rock (CD) - LTCD3002. Available from The Listening Post.