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All Jock Tamson's Bairns are Coming Home

Often known as simply 'Coming Home', this is a moving Scots welcome for the exiled and homeless refugees who ask us for shelter and help. The recorded version on this page is presented by the song's maker, Steven Clark.

Put a light in the window
Your brother's coming home
Set a meal on the table
Your brother's coming home
He'll be tired and weary
After all these years alone
He's coming home, your brother's coming home

Take the chain from the door,
Your sister's coming home
Open wide your arms
Your sister's coming home
Don't leave her standing there
After all the pain she's known
She's coming home, your sister's coming home


Coming home to a place they've never been
Coming home to a land they've never seen
Coming home to a family they have never known
A' Jock Tamson's bairns
Are coming home

He's been angry and afraid
Your father's coming home
He's been hounded and betrayed
Your father's coming home
And with every act of kindness
A seed of hope is sown
He's coming home. Your father's coming home

Bring her in from the cold
Your mother's coming home
Sit her down by the fire
Your mother's coming home
Make her warm, make her welcome
Before the chance is gone
She's coming home, your mother's coming home

From Iraq and Zimbabwe,
Your family's coming home
And from Turkey and Somalia
Your family's coming home
Seeking rest and refuge
They have never known
They're coming home, your family's coming home

Maker of the song Steven Clark says on his website, 'My song ‘Coming Home’ has been recorded professionally by Ian Bruce as ‘Comin Hame’, featuring on his album Demon's Dance. There's a review of Ian's CD that says (ahem) very nice things about my song (blush). It's also been arranged in a four-part version for Edinburgh choir Protest In Harmony, and is sung by the Eurydice choir.'

Listen to 'All Jock Tamson's Bairns are Coming Home', performed by Steven Clark.