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Scots Language Centre Centre for the Scots Leid

Scots in Education Conference

In Partnership with Scottish Government, Scottish Qualifications Authority, Education Scotland, Scots Language Centre & Scots Hoose

The 2023 Scots in Education conference is an event designed to support early years practitioners, teachers and centres offering provision in Scots as well as those interested in doing so.

Dr Sylvia Warnecke (Open University) & Bruce Eunson (Education Scotland):
New Open University & Education Scotland CPD course

Open University and Education Scotland share news of the first GTCS accredited CPD course for teachers using Scots language in education. This ambitious new project was piloted with staff from Banff Academy.

Dr Jamie Fairbairn (Banff Academy):
Biggin confidence an skills in Scots at schuil: bairns, teachers an the wider community

The presentation provides an overview of the Scots Language work for pupils and staff at Banff Academy, charting the development of Scots courses, how pupils have engaged and benefited, and how progression pathways have been built. It also addresses teacher training to build confidence and capacity to deliver lessons and courses.

Claire Needler (Elphinstone Institute, University of Aberdeen):
Exploring attitudes to Scots

The presentation shares Claire’s findings and recommendations from a school-university research project that investigated whether teaching Scots boosts pupil self-esteem and wider achievement.

Dr Neil Kirk (Abertay University):
The science of speaking Scots: an overview of Scots

language research at Abertay A brief overview of how the bilingual brain stores and switches between using different languages, and demonstrates these same effects in our research with Scots speakers.

Laura Green (Scots Language Centre):
Scots wi wee yins…whit does the first craw dae again?

How can we support the learning of Scots with our very youngest learners, and why is it crucial to do so? Join Laura Green for an exploration of the challenges, practicalities and rewards of sharing Scots with wee ones.

Dr Michael Dempster (Scots Language Centre):
Scots, Scottish English, and Phonics

Literacy is built upon the spoken language. Whether we speak English or Scots in Scotland we are generally using the phonological system of the Scots language. Join Michael to explore the sounds of Scots and how they can be incorporated into teaching literacy in both Scots and English.

Dr Matthew Fit (Scots Hoose):
Creative writing in Scots for Primary and Secondary, delivered by Scots Hoose

An overview of the resources available at Scots Hoose. Fun activities, ideas, practical approaches and support for developing pupils’ skills with writing in Scots.

Robert Quinn (SQA):
Introduction to SQA Scottish Studies and Scots Language Award

An overview of the history and impact of the Scottish Studies and Scots Language Awards available from SQA, as well as the support available for practitioners.

Marilyn MacLean Waters (SQA):
Scots Language Award and Scottish Studies Award: Understanding Standards

A detailed look at the Scots Language Award and Scottish Studies Award available from SQA including information about assessment requirements, benefits to learners and support for

Dr Jamie Fairbairn (Banff Academy):
History and Development Unit of the Scots Language Award

Suitable for teachers who are currently delivering or considering delivering the course, Jamie provides a comprehensive analysis of assessment requirements and learner evidence for the History and Development Unit of the Scots Language Award. Files referred to in this presentation are available from SQA Secure, accessible via each centre’s SQA coordinator.