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Scots Language Centre Centre for the Scots Leid

SQA Scots Language Award course

The Scots Language Centre, in partnership with West O-S, have developed a series of videos and activities to support the learning and teaching of the Scots Language Award.

The videos focus on the two compulsory units within the award:

  • Scots Language: History and Development; and
  • Scots Language: Understanding and Communicating

Each video is accompanied by classroom activities that learners can undertake with the support of their teacher. The activities encourage learners to engage with resources such as:


You can access the SQA Unit Specifications for the award, available at SCQF levels 4 – 6, here.

Downloadable activities for each video are available within the ‘Teachers’ Notes’ section for each video.

Learner and class assessment records are downloadable below, along with a 'Useful Links' document. The full video playlist, featuring the 8 videos for the course as well as other organisations' videos which complement the teaching of the course, is available on YouTube