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Scots Writing in SQA's 'Write Times'

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SQA publications 'Write Times' and 'Write Times 2' feature exemplary writing from Scottish learners who have submitted writing as part of their portfolio for National 5, Higher or Advanced Higher English.


The first publication, Write Times, was published in 2007. The following examples are notable for their use of Scots:


'Bonnie' Rachel Burns

‘Tenement’ Grace Gourlay

‘Cat's Eyes’ Rachel L Hynd

‘On the Drom’ Louise Wilson

‘Horse Power’ Allan R Lennie


The most recent publication, Write Times 2, features the following example, notable for the writer's use of Scots:


'Becus a hae a sister a hae a friend' Katie Wilson;


and this poem, written in Scots and Gaelic:


'Ri uchd bais' Owen Wilson.


Both Write Times and Write Times 2 are available to download below.


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