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Intress in the subject o unkent flichtit objects ower Scotland haes grown ower the last thirty year or mair, in pairt thanks til Hollywood productions sic as Dark Skies, Independence Day, the X Files, an the mony an sindry modren tradeetions o grey ootrels. Whan we cast back throu oor auld registers, an crack o auld fernyears, it is weel seen that this modren culture didna jist come oot o nae wey but is grundit on something fae aulder ages. Appearinly the’r aye been orra things in oor lift, but whither ony comes fae aff-warld we canna say for shair at this pynt. Scotland’s first ever fest dedicate tae the eldritch or paranormal wis held at Stirlin on 31 October 2014. This fest comprehendit speakers anent the growin nummer o reportit UFO sichtings ower oor nation. In 2021 Scotland haed 47 sichtings reportit offeecial like, ane o oor biggest tae date.  But the’r mony mair that’s the subject o crack in newspaper airticles, radio shaws, an ither gaits. An the village o Bonnybrig, akin tae Roswell, New Mexico, is noo reckont the UFO capital o Scotland wi claimed sichtings faur an ayont ony ither place in thir hail islands. We noo hae the scientific graithen tae keek oot weel by this Sun Gird an see whither the micht be, in actual fact, ither planets wi lang-heidit ootrels that haes the can tae crack wi us, or somehoo, even veesit. Or mibby thay’ll tell us thay awready cawed by.

Some day the truth will be kent.