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Whit's a UFO?


Whit's a UFO?

Unkent flichtit objects haes been gauin aboot the lift noo for a lang time, some wad say for hunners o year, aiblins thoosands. Richtly speakin, a UFO is jist an object, in the air, that we daena ken, but maist fowk nooadays that hears the name jalouses craft fae aff-warld wi ootrels airtin them. Thir orra cheils becam weel-rootit in the publict mind fae the 1940’s thanks tae Hollywood pictures, warks o lee-science, an the comics. Reports o discs, saucers an spheres fleein aboot the air, that naebody can richtly gie accoont for, haes become pairt an paircel o oor ordnar culture an it wad seem that no a day gaes by athoot somebody in the warld eikin anither report. In coorse, the authorities haes been sweirt tae speak openly anent this subject an the’r mony reasons whit wey thay wadna. Ane o the maist important haes tae dae wi uphaudin the state agin ony ootward threits. Whit wad the publict think gin thay jaloused unkent craft cuid jist flee in an oot oor airspace an we cuidna dae deil a haet aboot it?  But jist as affen, uppermaist in the minds o fowk haudin publict office or poseetion, is the dreid that we, the ordnar fowk, micht lauch at them.

Stertin in the 1940’s, some states attemptit tae accoont for thir orra objects as natural cheils, sic as gas oot o bogs, flichters aff the sun, licht fae the moon, the antrin fiery besom, birds, lichthooses, weather balloons, an even planets seen agley. Whiles kintras wis in hauns wi testin tap secret aircraft that thay didna want tae lat on aboot, an lattin fowk think thay war craft fae anither warld suitit thae ploys weel. Amang the best kent offeecial speirings intae UFOs is the American Project Blue Book stertit in 1952, that we noo ken wis meant tae ding doun the idea, but its project heid Dr J Allan Hynek, a body that stertit oot mislippent, syne cam tae think that the micht be something tae the subject efter aw, afore the project wis shut doun in 1969. In the Unitit Kinrik, the meenistry o defence whiles conductit its ain speirings, but like mony governments, keepit maist o its findings til itsel, at least until the 2000’s whan a puckle files wis lowsed. Sae whit aboot oor ain nation, Scotland, daes fowk hereawa see UFOs, an div we fash oorsels tae speir intae the maiter?