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Are The Onybody Ither?


Are The Onybody Ither?

bi Dr Dauvit Horsbroch

Walcome tae the Centre for the Scots Leid an oor feature Are The Onybody Ither? In this puckle o airticles we will raik an reenge themes sib tae the question o life ayont oor warld an whither or no ootrels haes ever peyed us a veesit. Div ye brek a smudge whan ye hear the word UFOs, or div ye draw in an tak tent? Jist aboot awbody faws intil ane camp or the ither. Mony o us howps it’s true like, that the’r ootrels peyin us veesits, but the skeely fowk that vizzies the nicht, at the planets, galaxies, an ither byous ferlies, threaps that, sae faur as we ken, the’r jist nae wey that ony spreet o flesh cuid traivel sic lang lengths. But mibby, jist mibby, the’r means that we haena yet jaloused.

Noo steek yer een, an picture yersel gauin alang a road, a daurk road in the deid o nicht. The’r nae life aboot ye, an aw is lown. But thare, up aheid, ye tak tent o a licht, white an bricht, an noo twa-three ither lichts birlin aboot it, green an rid. An this licht is jist hingin abuin the road, no makkin a move as ye draw taewards it. Ye slaw the caur doun an deval. It’s no jist a licht but ye can mak oot whit look likes a craft, an feegurs, orra feegurs. Ye daena care for them, the feegurs, acause thay’r no cannie. Noo ye tak a fleg as the feegurs is aw aboot yer caur. The ingine noo dees an the heidlamps dwynes.

Aw a sudden ye’r drivin alang an soon win at the place ye war ettlin at, but ye see fae yer watch that the’r twa houres ye canna accoont for. Twa hail houres.

We micht’a seen this in a picture, but the’r fowk aw gaits in the warld, Scotland comprehendit, that threaps this haes happent tae them in actual life. Whit are we tae mak o this?