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Hoots mon! Whaur's ma leid?

 In 1986 an episode of the English TV comedy series Blackadder II featured actor Hugh Laurie playing a master spy and impersonator, one of whose characters was Mary, Queen of Scots. Getting into read more

Mary on screen

On screen Mary has often been portrayed as a one-dimensional foreigner who schemes to murder her couread more

The Reign of Queen Mary

Mary I was born in Linlithgow palace in 1542 and became queen of Scotland a week later when her father King James V died.  read more

The Royal Style

People who speak one language do not always write in the same.  read more

Speaking of Mary

In the 16th century there were, of course, no audio recorders, devices or tablets. What we know about a person’s language comes either from first-hand accounts by those who described themread more

The Languages of Queen Mary's Kingdom

Queen Mary was born into a royal court conducted in either Scots or more