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Everywhere We Go


Everywhere We Go

This playground chant is used throughout Britain, with school or place names inserted where this rhyme has Abernyte. Is it chanted in your school?

The recording (accessible below) of Everywhere We Go is performed by Ewan McVicar with all the pupils of Abernyte Primary School, on the Braes of Gowrie near Dundee From On The Hoof project - Horsecross Arts. More information is available on the Horsecross website.

Everywhere we go
People always ask us
Who we are
And where we come frae
And we tell them
We come frae Abernyte
Bonny bonny Abernyte
And if they canny hear us
We shout a little louder

Repeat the whole song.

Repeat the whole song again and this time the last line becomes, 'They must be DEEF!'